Saturday, March 11, 2006


hey ho,

these are from last weekend, i was reading about grainneuaile and was inspired o do some images of her. there were some nice guys over from france doing some layout tests, must be so hard to come to another country and do a test in a strange studio. I stayed in here over the weekend with them and between doing the boards I did these illustrations. they are'nt really finished but what the hey. posting them makes me want to do more.
could be a good film or comic in the graineuaile idea...just thinking about it for now, actually i feel these are a bit too much in my usual style now i'd like to push for something different.
Anyway things are going quite well on the film, a new guy, Martin Fagan has started to work on the clean up - check out his beautiful line - like ink eh?

man these images are uploading all wonky ...sorry - the image of aisling is martins clean-up.

Anyway watched "Elizabeth" an english movie with Cate Blancett as Queen Elizabeth - really a gorgeous movie and really good story too. but the artdirection and shots are fantastic. I love all that costume and stuff from that period- also watched Napaleon Dynamite , like three times in the past two days - freakin' sweet movie .

So the scene illustrations are proving to be really useful...i'll do another post with some of the latest.

hey, if anyone is out there - please leave a comment - would love to see whos reading this!

(if anyone)



  1. That looks pretty nice - the curve of the cloak over the figure, with the small background figures, looks a lot like late 1960s childrens book illos to me. Does that make sense? Anyway it has a lovely flow!

  2. Just found your blog, absolutely love your work - will be back for more :)

  3. That flowing hair is terrific, Tomm.

  4. I love your blog! I'm studying animation in art college and reading your posts and looking at these production images are incredibly inspiring! It has always been my dream to work on an animated film some day.