Wednesday, February 28, 2007

nice photos

adrien took some nice photos of me, paul, nora and ross in our snazzy meeting room downstairs in the production office. I love the projector yokey for checking bgs and stuff on.
We had some images from the viking attack in the background, I guess they are a bit dark.
thats me in the stripey top.

crew photo 2007

A recent photo - still not everyone from the Kilkenny team though...but most of them.

Sadly ,our friends Virginie and long term allrounder Remi Chaye are leaving us this week so its a bit sad all round.

Virginie worked on posing and clean Bgs and a fine job shes done too.

Remi has been Assistant Director, Layout Chief , Layout guy, Storyboarder, and lately Production Manager, hes leaving Brendan now, but will return in June to make a trailer with some of the crew from Brendan for his feature Long Way North which we are developing with him at the moment......


Awesome Bg layout by Niklas Anderson, with posing by Barry Reynolds - its one of the very few sequences in perspective - so you know something scary is about to happen here!!!
lovely animation on this sequence coming in from Belgium lately....

aisling on the tower

this sequence is in production in Belgium, right now, some great animation coming from there.
We are recording Aislings song from this sequence around Paddys day with the composer Bruno Coulais , some musicians from Kila and the voice of Aisling, the very young and very talented Christen Mooney. should be a bit of craic.

oak tree

Aisling and Brendan at the base of the oak tree. Posing by Barry Reynolds Bg layout by Telman Morina Painting by Ross (the boss) Stewart

artwork 5

crew photo 1 some people are NOT in this and of course its just the Kilkenny crew...noone here from Belgium or France or Brazil or Hungary!

artwork 4

Aisling, with very very cool shapes and designs in every drawing by Alessandra Sorentino

artwork 3

Very tasteful acting here from Tom Caulfield

artwork 2

heres a very cool piece of action by Alfredo Cassano

new artwork 1

some nifty animation by Lionel Merchand
love them smears