Saturday, March 11, 2006

one for the road

I tried to find a photo of the current studio to put up but found this instead - a two year old photo of the crew on Cuilin Dualach -

from top left - Jean Baptiste Van Damme ,
Ross Stewart, Paul McKweon, Paul Young, Fabian Erlinghauser, Nora Twomey (director of Cuilin)
bottom row - Aidan Harte, Sean O cuilin (producer for sonta productions) Tomm Moore (me!!) Martin Hayes - (fiddle meastro and composer on Cuilin)

well, the sounds of people moving computers in the next room is reminding me that we will be moving studio very soon, the new place is about ready, its very exciting but also a tiny but sad.
the young irish filmmakers have been part of my life for nearly as long as i can remember.
we have been in this building since 2000 and its really old,cold and grungy but its become home.
still the constant power failures are reminder enough that its time to go.
whats ironic though is that my son Ben, who is ten now, has just joined the filmmakers today.
he's arriving as i'm leaving, which is all for the good and quite fitting really.

a big shout out to Mike Kelly of YIFM - thanks!


  1. Everything up on the blog is beautiful... really, really nice work!
    I have been a fan of the 'saloon' for a while, now... keep the good stuff comin,' gang!
    -Dagan M.

  2. its looking ace Tomm! Cant wait to see it