Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ray Forkan
Bg dude on Brendan...all round cool cat...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

angouleme again

woke up this morning and wasnt sure where i was for a minute.
plenty of travelling around.

frits and gilles came to see about compositing the mist and stuff like that with damien and didierand the crew here today.

schedule looks mighty tight..hope we can pull it off...

i need to finish this thing soon so or my carbon footprint will be insane.

Monday, March 17, 2008

happy st.patricks day

i spent this (hopefully) last st.patricks day of this production, in brussels, liege and finally paris.
with not even a drop o' uisce beatha to sweeten the working day....sigh...

awww the emigrants melancholy is upon me and me only a week away from touching our dear old sod.


Sunday, March 16, 2008


Here in rainly Brussels, just getting the guys from the Walking the Dog compositing team ,
Gilles and Michael up to speed on what we need.
What I have seen so far looks good, but lots left to do in a shorter and shorter time frame.
We will endeavour to keep the quality up however. Frits is looking after the compositing here and he and Gilles will come down to Angouleme with me on Wednesday to meet the guys down there.
The biggest challenge of course with teh work split all over is having everyone on the same page and seeing what the others are doing, how they are doing it and why.
Internet is great and all but its not really a subsititute for face to face so I hope the meeting between the Belgian and French teams will help bioth parties in this last run of production.

Ill be back in France on Tuesday to work on the editing of Reel 2 some more with Febienne and to discuss some publishing tie in ideas that I am really excited about.

Tommorow after noon its Liege to see about the remaining EFx and be sure the Ink and Paint is on track to finish up asap.

Liselott came over to visit this weekend which was nice.

Good veggy food found in Soul restaurant - veggies check it out if you are in Belgium

We met Marie Laure last night for drinks after a day browsing the endless Bd shops here.
Man , Chocolate, Beer and Bds the Belgians have their priorities straight.

life is short and animation takes soo long.. these weekend pitstops are really a neccesaity to keep the energy up

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


heading to brussels today...plenty of work to be done there on compositing and effects.
met up with fabrice when i first arrived here in paris. itsccrazy that its 5 year since we worked on the script....

had a meeting with bruno coulais the composer yesterday, he is starting to make the demos now to work along side the editing.
he was telling me how he worked on coraline, the beautiful henry selick/neil gaiman project in portland. they actually animated to his demos. im really excited to see that movie.
i guess music is the big thing animatiin has over comics for me as a medium....its such a huge extra dimension...
i saw "there will be blood" last night. the soundtrack in that one...holy moley.

met tom caulfield on the planeover, he and caroline pionchon are working on slyvain chomets new project here in paris.
nice to hear about twoexciting traditiinally created projects these past few days...coraline and the illusionist...i kind of like how 2d is becoming specialised like stop motion, means that people are choosing it for artistic rrasons andonly the hardcore specialists will be left. its not the norm to seelots of bad 2d its mainly bad cg3d wesee!

ahhh sure...i'll get back to the grind now....

Friday, March 07, 2008


So, here we are in Potsdam, at Cartoon Movie. A nice event where all the european co-producers meet once a year for drinkipoos and deals to be made.
We saw some gorgeous animated features , The Three Robbers, Luuuuucky Luke , Nocturna and others.
We met some old friends and some new ones.
Benoit Feroumont presented his very interesting and beautifully designed project Macrales.
The presentation of Brendan was nice. It was Didier Brunners birthday and we all sang him a birthday song at the end of the presentation.

Going into Berlin now to meet Adrien for some discussions on Song of the Sea, and of course more drinkipoos.
Then its back to the grind for the "last straight line" to the end as Vivianne calls it!
The music, the editing, more compositing...all ahead of me.
Next week I am in Paris, Liege, Brussels. whew.


Sunday, March 02, 2008

nothing to do with the Secret of Kells...

So, this is probably mildly inappropriate but I don't care!
Please watch this video...all of it. Its gruesome in places and I've been disturbed a bit since viewing it all last night , but its a subject that I feel very strongly about.
This blog is probably the widest public forum I have and I thought its probably worth giving this documentary a plug here just in case it might make someone think twice about their attitude to meat and animal rights.

EARTHLINGS is a feature length documentary about humanity's absolute dependence on animals .