Saturday, March 11, 2006

cool house

here, i was just reading the "house of cool"

blog this morning - besides the fantastic art on their site - the things ricardo curtis says about running a studio and all ring so true.
and also his "in the beginning" post is very close to how i felt in college vs. now.

I gave a talk in ballyfermot last week, its cool to go over the history of the place that way.
i enjoyed it in the end, but i got the vibe that the students were mainly into CG now.
That kinda worries me sometimes - that we have become really too into our flat and pushed stuff and it'll alienate people. I just don't know, I have always loved , like Dick Williams stuff and things like that. Todor sent me some books by the Provensons, they are really sophisticated "flat" types designs, but I dunno, maybe as a kid I might have rejected them. Gavin, here in the studio was talking about our attitude to the arty National Film board of Canada stuff as kids vs. now.
Now, as an animator I love the boldness and designy-ness of a lot of that stuff but then, as a kid it seemed just weird and I probably would have rejected much of it as un-good compared to something like the Don Bluth stuff i was into at the time. Ironically that Don Bluth style is what I try to avoid now in favour of some thing more "out there".

This week Stewie and the lads were working on the sequence in the Abbots room, I wanted to push it as far as possibel into an abstract space with the pattern of his plans on the walls acting as framing devices - but being sure we have'nt gone too far can be tricky sometimes.

anyway heres a couple .... see what you make of it...


  1. man tomm..these are amazing...First time i saw the promo you guys did for brought to mind klimt.

    I am sure you are also a fan of richard william's thief and the cobbler. that sense of visual macabre and logic is is animation..the impossible is possible and plausible...

    at times that's what the animation get a tad bit far from reality...become a little bit silly and wholeheartedly belive in a fascinating guys are doing stunning stuff. please do post some video files if possible.

    best regards
    robin joseph

  2. hi robin,
    yeh the theif is an inspiration in many ways - the visual style , the attitude of Dick Williams towards animation being in the language of dreams, the way he approached making it independantly - the whole shamooley.
    i hope the fact that the film is about drawing and drawings and imagination will give us the latitude with the audience that they will go along with all the visual conceits we are throwing in.
    I love that about your work too - its very "drawing-y" -y'know the buckled paper and all.
    thanks for commenting...

  3. I dunno, I wouldnt worry about the style alienating people.. I think its about doing something interesting and that you get excited about and then hopefully that'll come across in the film. I cant wait to see more art from it anyway. also good luck in the new place!
    Louise B

  4. Hello tomm,

    Thank you for your kind words on the House of Cool website and blog, we have included your link to the latter, so people will be able to discover all the beautiful work you are producing for Kells! I will definitely continue to check any updates on this project. All the best,

    Kate M