Saturday, March 25, 2006


well, another week, spent most of paddys day drawing shots from the Royal Tenebaums, the composistions are so gorgeous in that film. Actually kinda flat and mannered in a sort-of-like our film kind of way. I just love the feeling of that film though. In fact all of Wes Andersons stuff rocks.
Adrien and Lily are big fans too, we are the Wes Anderson fan club of Kilkenny. heh.
Saw Sunset Boulevard again too, thats pretty classy also. drew some shots from that too, but want to do more. Its kinda a good way to really analyse the composistions and stuff. and its kinda like doing quick lifedrawings too so its good practise.

I drew loads , thought I'd post a few and one that Ben did that was pretty cool.
He really saw the shapes and the symatery.
I love that when Royal is leaving the kids he is kind of shot at the end of the table and in perspective , kinda distant and then when hes back talking to Margo and "The Baumer" the roles are reversed kinda and its shot the opposite. Ben picked up on that too.
He's gonna kick my ass at the ol' drawing soon.

this older studio is still having occasional powercuts and the new place is having teething problems so its kinda stuck between the two for now. We are gonna stay here at least until the server for our project is up and running. The Skunk Fu crew seem to be getting on okay down there in the new place. I must go down and check it out.

Remi has been going thru' all the boards which we've been drawing straight into Flash and making them into workbooks - looks kinda impressive all printed out in a big thick booklet form.
When you pick it up it feels substantial! Anyway its just 26 minute sof it so far, We are closing the gap on whats final in the boards and layout has been delayed until June so we have abit more breathing room than orginally thought.
JB is going in and tidying up some of the poses and stuff so its looking quite nice.
The scenes with the Scene Illustrations in them look well, and even with the scratch voices and temp music its starting to feel like a film.

I'll post a couple of the workbook pages.

We are having "The problem of the Prince" a little bit with Brendan though. the expressions on the other characters seem more ..well expressive so we are gonna go back into the model sheets on Brendan and try to make the poses less restrained . Loosen him up a little.
Also we are really hunting for the voice actor now - its a tough one. I'd love if Ben could do it but probably we need a kid with a bit more experience.
We sent the model sheets and script of Bro.Aidan to Mick Lallys agent this week so hopefully he'll be into it.
Nora wrote character descriptions for the actors too - they are really clear and precise. Its easy to look at them at a glance and see what the characters motivations and arcs are as well as their relationship to the others is.

We have two days booked in Ardmore Sound which is ,like the best sound place in Ireland, for May. I'm kinda nervous, only TWO days seems so short compared to the rest of the production.
Also directing actors? yikes. I'm gonna go to one of the Skunk Fu recording sessions before then just to get a feel for the set up or whatever, I was at the recording for Cuilin but it was very informal just a bits and pieces of "walla" as it was mainly done with V/O.

So also we are considering the clean up style, it may be just too labour intensive as is and maybe it'll be better to just clean up normally and try and add the thick outer line in Ink and Paint.
Its computery but at the same time , in movement , it could give roughly the same stained glass effect. They did it on the "Mr.Bean" tv show that way and it looked Okay. But still its a compromise, and probably the first of many. With a limited budget we have to be careful where we put the effort in. The style we were trying first took , like an hour per drawing and just think we'd be shooting ourselves in the foot trying to get an outsource studio to do it that way on the budget we can afford. Asterix and the Vikings had that style but apparently it was really hard and of course the budget was 5 times ours!
So we'll see, we are trying to organise a test with the Belgian Ink and Paint crew.

Thats about it , things are going roughly apace and theres not a whole heap more to report.
Fabs is animating the wolf tests now and they are looking well.

Oh yeh , I saw the film "Birth" - jeanny its class. I saw it in the cinema before but bought a copy there last week and watched it last night with Liselott. Class. Nicole Kidman is a deadly actor too.
and the little kid was amazing.
and I'm not working and I should be!
over and out,



  1. Please don't tell me the second one from the bottom is Ben's. I'm knocking this drawing lark on the noggin if it is. When I was 10 all I had was two smurfs and 3 of the 4 ninja turtles in my repertoire. I can't even spell that word.

    Mick Lally eh?

  2. That drawing of Ben's is so classy, Tomm. Yours are, too, of course. Love reading these posts. The "process" bits are very interesting to me.