Thursday, March 30, 2006

another mad one

yeh, still mad, good day yesterday it flew but I got a lot f drawing done.
the scene is much much better.
drawing into flash just seems to make my composistions and acting stuff weaker.
I prefer the paper, but then you get lost in a world of scanning and resizing and whatnot.
The mad thing is I'm roughing in Flash and then going to Paper once its working.

anyway , going up to dublin tommorow, some legal stuff in the morning and then auditions in the afternoon.
A bit scary dealing with actors - never done that before, Paul and Nora and her husband Michael have done most of the voices for anything we've done so far.
So tommorow I'm meeting a kid , Mick Lally and Paul Tylak.

Paul Tylak is doing voices on Skunk fu so maybe he'll be good on the illuminators.
funny guy by all accounts.

Mick Lally should be perfect for Aidan I'd say. Great thing is both he and Brendan Gleeson are fluent Gaeilgoirs so they should be able to be the voices for the Irish language version also.

I feel weird auditioning a kid, seems kinda cruel to try them out, knowing they'll be disappointed if they don't get it. I know how delicate it is with Ben,like.
Anyway we need to try. Its such an important role.

Its kinda like when people try out for roles on the film art-wise. Its the crappiest part of the job. I know how crappy it is to do a test , or a pitch, work real hard on it and not get it.
Even the worst tests we got, some poor dude spent a day or two on.
Thats kinda scary.

But , I was saying this to Remi this morning, and he agrees, its so embarassing and awkward especially as we'll all be back to testing and trying out for stuff in a year or so. But its important to get the right crew. Especially as we are the lead studio.

So maybe I have some idea of how tough it is for actors that way, trying out for parts all the time.

Right so,

Oiche mhaith agaibh,



  1. good luck guys, pick only the best!

  2. I'm in love with your blog. Can't wait to read more.

  3. Ah, Gleeson can't turn down films so he's in the bag. Man, child actor types are way more hard nosed than you'd expect, all those dvd extras on Harry Potter toughened them up so let them have it boy!

  4. Hi,
    i visit lots of blogs everyday looking for good drawings and i wuold like to say that you are the best at all. Sorry about my english and thanks for posting.