Monday, June 30, 2008

original animation drawings

APB to anyone who worked on Brendan , I have all he folders from the scenes animated in Kilkenny and Brussels , here in the studio, with the original layout posing and clean up drawings.

I am gonna recycle the whole lot very soon as we are moving to a different space and just wanted to give anyone who wants their original drawings back the chance to let us know.
I can't afford to post them out so anyone who wants it will have to pay for whatever it costs to get them to you .
Let me know as soon as you can.
Its a pity to recycle all those drawings but sure thats life .

I already have boxes and boxes of stuff going back years and years so I really need to clear out!

Just to be clear I have nothing that was cleaned up or animated in Kecskemet ...just scenes sent back from Lightstar in Brazil after clean up and inbetween was finished..

I really think we'll go to digital 2d for the next production....;)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

OMG! So Excited!

The mastah.

(thanks for the heads up Darko!)

Monday, June 23, 2008

jean baptiste ven damme

i just love that name.
at the annecy presentation i took a moment to enjoy it and said it a few times.
some guys are just born lucky eh?
sounds good with a microphone.

cool name, killer drawing skills, sideburns that rock so bad the Kilkenny girls all melted in the presence of their awesomeness.

oh yeh.

jean baptiste van damme,
so hot right now,
jean baptiste van damme.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008


mad - just found this article.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

oslo chat

those nice fellows in Oslo interviewed me back then. here it is.

UPDATE - emmm just a note to warn you that I swear like the proverbial sailor in this and also have an annoyingly goofy laugh

editing finished + annecy

it was so hectic again this week , my head is spinning.
In Paris we finally locked the editing. Kinda scary , thats it.
Some retakes still to come for a few scenes and some changes on the last sequence
based on the screening but other than that the visuals are done.
Its kinda weird. I'll have to find a way to show all the cut stuff some day too.

on Wednesday when the editing was finished I traveled to Annecy , its such a beautiful part of the world and the festival is so exciting. I really hope to go for the whole thing next year hopefully less tired and able to see more and enjoy it at a leisurely pace.
Met plenty of old friends and it was good old craic. It was great to meet the old Skunkers and Joost and Eric of KACHING cartoons for a few scoops.
The presentation went well maybe a bit too much stuff crammed into the time we had but I think it was interesting for people in general.

Even have my mug in the latest Animation Magazine so thats kinda cool.

The Richard Williams exhibition in Annecy was very impressive and I'm looking forward to getting the DVD of his masterclasses he is bringing out. At the Belgian party after the presentation I met to lucky sould who have been working with him on it in Bristol.

Unfortunatly our presentation clashed with his so I did'nt even get to see that.

Rene Broca and Christelle Rony were very nice and helpful and it was really great to be asked to go to Annecy, Big thanks to them!

Monday, June 09, 2008

dublin airport my old friend

just for the craic heres a post from my old friend the surfbox coin operated terminal in dublin airport.

heading over for some final editing and also the annecy presentation.

basically hope this is the last week long trip for a looong while.

need to catch up on a lot of stuff in kilkenny.
like my marriage, sleep and plenty of neglected cartoon saloon stuff....

still its all good - annecy in the sunshine ...happy days...sure even annecy in the rain is fairly deadly!

Sunday, June 08, 2008


last week I -

drove at 2am to airport with sleepy wife and son , went to Brussels checked Viking attack with Frits, had meeting with Vivianne, met Benoit by accident - hi Benoit , went to Liege saw Chi Rho page , had champagne , had lots of Beers hi Damien, Celine, Eric , Serge , Iwan and co, sleep a bit , went to Paris made some editing updates , went to sleep, woke up, had shower, flooded my hotel room, went to Les Armateurs , met Paul and Ladies from Irish Film Board and Buena Vista , got drunk , staggered home, slept a bit , went to screening, got some nice feedback , ate nice dinner, walked around all happy about everyone liking it , thought about all changes suggested, found a veggie restaurant, ate more, slept a bit, went to sound studio, spotted effects , missed plane, ate a bit , hung around a bit, best wifey in world drove to Dublin , drove home from airport at 2 am.

Tommorow I start all over again.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Sunday, June 01, 2008

dublin airport again


drove up at 2.30 am to be here in plenty of time.
checked in.
bags have kilkenny colours tied to them this time.

here I go!

This is a big week. Finalise the compositing in Belgium.
Finalise the editing. Show a cut to distributors and investors.
If needed edit again based on their comments.
Meet with Piste Rouge sound designer about the sound effects and mix.
Paul will be over to help with that. He and I went thru' the Avid project spotting the important stuff on Saturday.
Noras temp sounds from 2006 are a good starting point anyway.
Meeting Bruno again to see about getting the music recorded soon....

here I go....