Wednesday, November 21, 2007


the guys in Hobsoft - Brian and Hans Christian have put this nice demo of how I check and approve or retake scenes using their might be interesting to some of you out there!



Hi folks,

just an update... well... recently Camille and I went for a week to Angouleme to Spirit who are doing some lovely work on the compositing. It was nice to start to see some of the complex scenes with all the bells and whistles. As usual I wished I'd studied French a bit more in school!
Its great to see the scenes with all the various elements pulled together, Flash animated extras, the handdrawn characters and all the filters and tones and stuff appllied as well as the SFX and Cg elements. Overall I guess its coming together well. Those images posted are screen shots. yep, not concepts, not scene illustrations, but finished done and dusted screen shots.

I think we'll be able to put a fairly decent trailer together soon. Of course we'll post it up here when its ready.

I have plenty of ideas of how to better organise things for next time of course,,but sure its always a learning curve....

The guys in Spirit have done a great job of pulling it all together and its a relief to see that it looks pretty good . Well, I think so at least! I think despite budget limitations and all the organisational problems we've had , all the hard work of everyone involved really shows on screen and I guess thats the most important thing.
I hope to spend quite a bit of time over in Angouleme next year working on the final images and post and all.

The HUGE BD library there is pretty cool too.....!

anyway I'm off to Hungary again next week and in the mean time theres always plenty of scenes to check from everywhere!

busy busy