Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ink and Paint

Here are the members of the Ink and Paint team in Liege - and a cool birthday cake with the dying Abbot Cellach lovingly glazed on top by some talented so and so.
The team seems to have grown a lot since I was over last - I hope I get over again soon.
what a colourful bunch - ahem.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


alessandra just posted some pictures from the viking dream sequence she and alfredo animate in flash on her blog

alessandra is one of those all round good at everything animators
and shes way too young to be so good
and she has nice hats

Check out her short Marla which she made with some friends in college - its awesome

Thursday, August 09, 2007

belgium photos

line testing - I'm pretty sure thats Nora animating in the background...

Camille took this picture of an ad for some weird foreign cartoon from a studio in America where she used to work
sure they are always having parties in Belgium.
look at that feckin sunshine. it was probably raining here that day. bah.
amazing detail , the perspective is so well done.
Marie Laure and Vannessa
A bit more impressive than High Street Kilkenny. Just a bit, mind.
Eve, flippin' them pages.

just to break em up I put the hungarian photos in the last post and the Belgian ones in here.

belgium and kecskemet

equipment from the days when men were men and boys were boys and cels were painted....

truth in advertising is refreshing.
nice studio

Martin Fagin shows em how its done.
No school like the old school.
Hungarian Zoetrope.

Candle lit Edit and Vera
Camille has a strange penchant for dummies.
Foreground - Fabs , Darko, Martin, Monkeyman Moore.
This Nicht will last for a thousand Beers!
Darko, Martin, missing link.
Monkey man tries to look like he is capable of inteligent thought, Edit and Hungarian animator converse politely in background.
Cool door handle in the Hungarian studio.

Camille gave me these photos she took in Kecskemet and in Belgium for the blog.
Nora spend the last week and a half with the crew in Belgium working on the animation, sounds like she had a good time and certainly the stuff id looking good from there.
She even animated a few scenes there too...which is nice.
Man, its only in photos I realise what a hairy monkey I am.