Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Buy this Book!!!!!


Dear Everyone,

This is an anthology comic published by Cliodhna Lyons who worked with us on Kells here in CS last year. Its all in aid of Goal . My sister Catherine and I contributed a short strip . Catherine is involved in human rights voluntary work overseas at the moment.
I attach the first page of our three page strip.

Heres some info about Goal from their website -


From its first year of operation in 1977, when it spent a mere €12,000 on a street children’s project in Calcutta, GOAL has grown and grown – spending over €500 million implementing relief and development programmes in 50 countries in the past 30 years.

GOAL ensures that the poorest of the poor and the most vulnerable in our world and those affected by humanitarian crises have access to the fundamental needs and rights of life: food, water, shelter, medical attention and literacy.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

It ain't over til its over

Something clicked last night after finishing work.
We had a drink with the sound design guys Seb and Fabien and then met up with Bruno the composer.
And I finally had the feeling that we are finished all the directing that can ever be done.

We have to check the print, maybe do some colour grading in the lab in a few weeks.
But thats it really.
On Monday I will be working on the French poster with Ross .
Theres the comic to finish off.

But really, the film is done.
After so many years its all over.
I keep sleeping. On the plane, in Pauls car on the way back down
and all day in the house.
Tonight we are going to Ross' new house warming and Jonas' going away party.
(Jonas made the compositing of the credits BTW- another superstar intern!)

I could easily just sleep but its worth going out to celebrate!

Thanks to everyone who followed this journey...I'll keep you all posted of release news and so on
and the comic stuff etcetera as the films journey is in a way just beginning now that the production has wrapped.
Well, I'm saving myself from saying its "in the can" until its actually on film and in a can!!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008


its a wrap

sound and music all done !


Piste Rouge Paris

So back in gay Paree :)
Almost the last day of the production , just finalising the mix.

Paul and Nora came over this time as I am so wrecked I think I really needed their input here and not just from Kilkenny as usual.
Nora had a very strong idea about changing the order of some of Brunos music. At first Paul and I were really not so sure, especially me, I knew what we had worked pretty well after all the compliments we got in LA , and was afraid Bruno would be disappointed by us tinkering with his score.
But he was completely in agreement with it, Ms.Twomey was right on the money as per usual.
So happy days. I thunk this latest edit of the music is very powerful and more emotional.

Sound design by Seb and the mix by Fabien are really excellent and its cool to hear it all in 5.1.

I am suitably wrecked now, just gonna give the whole thing one more listen thru and then its a wrap!

I hope Stewy can come over with me for the print checking and colour tests in a few weeks.
With that done it will be all in the can as they say.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Producer of the Year

Oh and Pauly was named producer of the year at Cartoon Forum too.

back in Dublin Airport

So , the screening went well and I a had a whole day with wee Brian to decompress on Saturday.
Bizarre feeling now as I am in Dublin on Monday morning having got on the plane from LA on Sunday morning.

Off down to Kilkenny now and then to Paris on Wednesday for the mix .

Sigh. No rest for the wicked!

Friday, September 19, 2008


Trish Long, the head of Disney in Ireland , just sent me this picture from Wednesday.

Thanks again to Victoria, Pete, and all the artists who took some time out of their busy schedules to meet me !
It was a class.

screening today

Wish us luck ! Screening today in DGA at 3.00pm. Gulp.

Had a great trip to SF and to Lucas , Pixar , Disney, Dreamworks.
Eyes burning from the amazing artwork I saw.

Was great to meet so many really nice people too.
Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming.

Was great to be hanging out with wee Brian too , its been ages.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So L.A.

Woke up today in Hollywood.
Sun shining.
Swam in pool.
Now going to meet two producers of one of my all time favourite cartoons, Batman TAS.

Its a hard old life.

Monday, September 15, 2008


mad old first day. Was all good met some managers and Jonathon Loughran of the Irish filmboard over here.

DGA building is amazing. So massive and imposing. Great space for the screening and afters party and a great cinema.
Checked the tape, seems grand.
the picture loses a bit on NTSC Beta but its good enough as a work in progress screening type thing.

hollywood looks like it does on telly , maybe a bit grotty around the edges thats all.

Off to meet the wee Brian McGrath and Barry OD and the Barley films crew tonight with Mike Nyugen of July Films.

Then need to sleep a lot cos tommorow its Warners , then an agent the Fox then Titmouse then fly to SF for the night.



Sunday, September 14, 2008


ahhhh airports and delays .

how i love them. soggy expensive starbucks sambos the same the world over.
bizarre how chicago could have been dublin just another airport in the rain.

declan recks from sdgi is travelling with me to l.a.
his film "eden"is coming out in america soon.

some tech problem at immigration caused declan and i to miss our connection.

so we are in st.louis hanging out to connect to l.a.

closing in on 24 hours traveling now.

smartlad barry odonoghue flew direct from dublintown.

everyone else here is riveted to an american football match.

on the way over st.louis once the clouds cleared i was looking down
trying to connect with the surrealness that that was actually america down there.

honestly its somehow mundanely familar and utterly bizarre to travel so
much so often. like passing thru vaguely different dimensions.
seems everywhere is the same with one or two subtle differences.


Friday, September 12, 2008

photos from the sdgi award

thanks to everyone who came along , especially little Christen the voice of Aisling!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Beta tapes

Whew , just got em.

Cant check them as I have no Beta Sp player here, lets hope it will all be alright on the night.


paris (france) hehe

Yeh still in PAris , had to stay a bit longer than expected.

My head is just buzzing this week .
Preparing the LA trip next week , getting all geeked up about going to Lucasfilm and Pixar.

On Monday went thru the notes on sound design with Sebestian in Piste Rouge he is doing a great job , and on Tuesday checked the HD version of the film in Spirit with PAscal Didier and Ivan , with the old crappy temp sound and the directly after went to Piste Rouge again to hear the rough mix for LA.

A lot of the final music is in there which is great.
Sounds very powerful, Kila and Bruno did a great job.
Brunos score with the choirs was recorded last week and I heard it on Tuesday night
quite late. Even if it was the third time I watched the film in one day it was very interesting a
as it added another layer again on top.

So just waiting for the beta NTSC tape now and working in the poster / Comic cover here in Les Armateurs.

With the LA trip, sound design, Song pre pro going on in KK and the comic I can hardly switch off any more. Need to slooow right down again after the final mix .
Its two weeks of madness first off to LA and then back to Paris for final mix but then its time to really focus down . Thankfully Fabian is helping a lot both with cleaning up and finalising the pages of the comic and the pre pro plans on Song.
I get to focus on the over all design stuff that way.
Getting to draw is such a luxury by now.
I was roughing out the revised prequel pages in the hotel room last night.


Saturday, September 06, 2008



it was great craic on Thursday night, i hope everyone whos howed up ahd a s much fun as I did.
It was fantastic to see so many heads there, especially the people who have been following the project for so long.

I met some great people on the night too. At dinner i got to chat to Terry Loane who directed a class film I loved a couple of years ago - MickyBo and Me.
I was getting loads of advise on the whole LA trip.
sure it'll be gas. Barry and some of the lads from barley films are heading over too so thats great.

I think my favorite quote of the night was from my old animation teacher , Eddie, who is now the head of the course in Ballyfermot " sure if you kick the sh*t out of something for 10 years, somethings bound to happen!"

Paul and I had a good meeting today with Cat Little and Laura Campbel about a new tv series we are developing called Puffins rock. It was lovely to chat about a new project with such a "blue sky" attitude.

Right , gotta get some sleep now before I try to brave the way to dublin Airport tommorow.
Considering my track record with that place like. And also its teh All ireland hurling final tommorow.

Gwan the Cats!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Kila and Bruno + update

Paul and I scooted up for a day and a half to Sligo .
Kila and Bruno recorded the music in the studio of Brian from Dervish.
Its beside the Lake Isle of Inisfree. A Rainbow appeared over the lake near the end of the second day. No messing.
Anyway the lads from Kila were great and they really did some fantastic interpretations of Brunos score.
Also they made up some cool new stuff on the spot.
I arrived in late on Tuesday night after a long drive up from KK and Dee was there , playing fiddle to the Chi Rho page sequence. Magic moment.

Colm did some cool flute and Rossa and Lance added really cool percussion, even a 3000 year old bronze age instrument found its way into it. Rossa was mad on teh spoons and even played a hoover at one stage.
Lance and Dee did some Bodhran stuff and Bruno seems very happy with their work.
He brought two of his usual team with him Max and "Slim" and also Manu the music producer was there. It was very nice and VERY intense hard work for a couple of days.

Now I'm up to my eyes in sorting out the comic - apart from the prequel its mainly just reusing artwork from the film so I've got great help from Fabs and Gealle and Sven on that.
Just trying to keep up with them is the problem they are so fast at the finalising, I have keep roughing out a few pages ahead of them.
I'm also very busy mainly on Song now, working on teh trailer but sure thats a whole other blog!.

Tommorow night is the awards thingy in Dublin, then on Sunday I'm over for a short visit to Paris to Seb in Piste Rouge who sent me some really class sound design today.
Just a few bits to work on and then hopefully I'll have a rough mix with me in LA next Sunday.
Getting to meet a few heads in Pixar and Dreamworks and Disney , looking forward to that even though I'm a bit wrecked.

photos from the record session to follow as soon a s Pauly recharges his camera!