Sunday, February 19, 2006


well had a nice week - spent three days relaxing in bristol with the missus.
great time - went to cafe meitreya - excellent vegan food
good gig too in the fleece - pure horsehair and laura veirs.
very cool night - also saw an amazing rembrandt - an old lady ina big white ruff.
tonight i'm off to hear steve reichs music for 18 musicians with some of the guys from work.
ahh - i'm having too good of a time!
anyway just checkin' in. some great stuff happening - must go away more often!
remi and noras boards are lookin good and this latest from lily is pure class.
its such a buzz to see it coming together now.
still a lotta work ahead and the coupla days off really gave me a boost
i was starting to get really tired.
hokay - craic into it now...

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  1. adding to the last comment on the post below...i just wanted to also say wish you the very best.

    it is bold amount of stylization...and you guys are going at it most creatively..stunning

    cheers and best wishes