Thursday, March 16, 2006

Lá Fhéile Phadraig

heres some more random things from my desktop -
a colour model for aisling based on martins clean up drawings
a page of sketches from when we were trying out different hairstyles for Brendan.
and an old scene illustration of a deleted scene by Adrien Merigeau characters drawn by Jean Baptiste .

its the end of the week cos tommorows paddys day. ah yeh parades and all that.
pity everyone will be mainly getting sloshed.
i suppose we have a stereotype to maintain. sure feckit i may as well join in.

anyway just a quick note - good news today that Brendan Gleeson has been confirmed as the voice of Abbott Cellach - He is a class actor probably his face at least is quite well known by now.
He's perfect as the Abbott - he is a long time friend of the project and was orginally slated to play the lead character in a previous incarnation of this project many moons ago.
Its great that he'll be involved now.
So thats cool anyway.
The other cool thing has been all the comments and feedback.
thanks to all who stopped by. I clicked through a few of the blogs of people who left comments -
amazing amount of excellent artists out there doing their thing.
Big thanks also to for mentioning us - esteemed company to be sure.

Anyway sin é anois, I'm off to watch the Royal Tenebaums with the missus,

oiche mhaith agaibh,



  1. love the designs. i checked out the Cartoon Saloon site and was blown away by the beauty that was on screen. You kids rock...steady...steady rockin' all night long. I miss the 2D. But as long as there's peeps out there like you kids doin' it right, I can feel a little better about life and trees. the trees won't stop taliking to me. Anyway, keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Tomm, great to see the work you guys are doing--it looks terrific; very creative. Hope production is going well!

  3. Beautiful work, guys-- really looking forward to getting a chance to see the film someday. Any chances for US distribution? (At least on R1 DVD?)
    LONG LIVE 2D!!!

  4. Hi Tomm. I just followed your comment on my blog to yours. Beautiful work! I am very impressed about two things in particular. You have choosen a very graphic style for your feature which is an extremely bold decision. Also you are attempting to produce an entire feature film with only a few people. I don't now what it is like in Ireland but here in North America getting financing for an independent feature is considerably more difficult that getting a large budget for a large film.
    Best of luck to you and your project. I'll make a link to your blog from mine and I'll check back often.


  5. hi ricardo,

    fantastic to hear from you here-
    your blog is very interesting and full of gorgeous artwork.
    I believe we have a mutual friend in
    Barry O Donoghue of Barley Films?

    i will write a little post later about how we are financing and making the film to better explain the deal here.

    best of luck,