Saturday, September 06, 2008



it was great craic on Thursday night, i hope everyone whos howed up ahd a s much fun as I did.
It was fantastic to see so many heads there, especially the people who have been following the project for so long.

I met some great people on the night too. At dinner i got to chat to Terry Loane who directed a class film I loved a couple of years ago - MickyBo and Me.
I was getting loads of advise on the whole LA trip.
sure it'll be gas. Barry and some of the lads from barley films are heading over too so thats great.

I think my favorite quote of the night was from my old animation teacher , Eddie, who is now the head of the course in Ballyfermot " sure if you kick the sh*t out of something for 10 years, somethings bound to happen!"

Paul and I had a good meeting today with Cat Little and Laura Campbel about a new tv series we are developing called Puffins rock. It was lovely to chat about a new project with such a "blue sky" attitude.

Right , gotta get some sleep now before I try to brave the way to dublin Airport tommorow.
Considering my track record with that place like. And also its teh All ireland hurling final tommorow.

Gwan the Cats!


  1. Hey Tomm, this is Sarah, we met at the Galway film festival out on what I think was supposed to be a putting green.
    I was rolling my teachery mind around the guys should send out some info about the film to primary schools around Ireland and get them to bring all the kids on school tours to the cinema to learn about Irishy things!

  2. On a tangent: saw your stuff on display at the CNBDI at Angouleme last week, and loved it!