Sunday, September 14, 2008


ahhhh airports and delays .

how i love them. soggy expensive starbucks sambos the same the world over.
bizarre how chicago could have been dublin just another airport in the rain.

declan recks from sdgi is travelling with me to l.a.
his film "eden"is coming out in america soon.

some tech problem at immigration caused declan and i to miss our connection.

so we are in st.louis hanging out to connect to l.a.

closing in on 24 hours traveling now.

smartlad barry odonoghue flew direct from dublintown.

everyone else here is riveted to an american football match.

on the way over st.louis once the clouds cleared i was looking down
trying to connect with the surrealness that that was actually america down there.

honestly its somehow mundanely familar and utterly bizarre to travel so
much so often. like passing thru vaguely different dimensions.
seems everywhere is the same with one or two subtle differences.


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