Thursday, September 11, 2008

paris (france) hehe

Yeh still in PAris , had to stay a bit longer than expected.

My head is just buzzing this week .
Preparing the LA trip next week , getting all geeked up about going to Lucasfilm and Pixar.

On Monday went thru the notes on sound design with Sebestian in Piste Rouge he is doing a great job , and on Tuesday checked the HD version of the film in Spirit with PAscal Didier and Ivan , with the old crappy temp sound and the directly after went to Piste Rouge again to hear the rough mix for LA.

A lot of the final music is in there which is great.
Sounds very powerful, Kila and Bruno did a great job.
Brunos score with the choirs was recorded last week and I heard it on Tuesday night
quite late. Even if it was the third time I watched the film in one day it was very interesting a
as it added another layer again on top.

So just waiting for the beta NTSC tape now and working in the poster / Comic cover here in Les Armateurs.

With the LA trip, sound design, Song pre pro going on in KK and the comic I can hardly switch off any more. Need to slooow right down again after the final mix .
Its two weeks of madness first off to LA and then back to Paris for final mix but then its time to really focus down . Thankfully Fabian is helping a lot both with cleaning up and finalising the pages of the comic and the pre pro plans on Song.
I get to focus on the over all design stuff that way.
Getting to draw is such a luxury by now.
I was roughing out the revised prequel pages in the hotel room last night.


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