Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Kila and Bruno + update

Paul and I scooted up for a day and a half to Sligo .
Kila and Bruno recorded the music in the studio of Brian from Dervish.
Its beside the Lake Isle of Inisfree. A Rainbow appeared over the lake near the end of the second day. No messing.
Anyway the lads from Kila were great and they really did some fantastic interpretations of Brunos score.
Also they made up some cool new stuff on the spot.
I arrived in late on Tuesday night after a long drive up from KK and Dee was there , playing fiddle to the Chi Rho page sequence. Magic moment.

Colm did some cool flute and Rossa and Lance added really cool percussion, even a 3000 year old bronze age instrument found its way into it. Rossa was mad on teh spoons and even played a hoover at one stage.
Lance and Dee did some Bodhran stuff and Bruno seems very happy with their work.
He brought two of his usual team with him Max and "Slim" and also Manu the music producer was there. It was very nice and VERY intense hard work for a couple of days.

Now I'm up to my eyes in sorting out the comic - apart from the prequel its mainly just reusing artwork from the film so I've got great help from Fabs and Gealle and Sven on that.
Just trying to keep up with them is the problem they are so fast at the finalising, I have keep roughing out a few pages ahead of them.
I'm also very busy mainly on Song now, working on teh trailer but sure thats a whole other blog!.

Tommorow night is the awards thingy in Dublin, then on Sunday I'm over for a short visit to Paris to Seb in Piste Rouge who sent me some really class sound design today.
Just a few bits to work on and then hopefully I'll have a rough mix with me in LA next Sunday.
Getting to meet a few heads in Pixar and Dreamworks and Disney , looking forward to that even though I'm a bit wrecked.

photos from the record session to follow as soon a s Pauly recharges his camera!



  1. If you don't feel a bit wrecked then you're not doing it properly.

    Good luck.

  2. Let me know if you'd like to swing by Cartoon Network. drop me an email phil (at)