Friday, September 26, 2008

Piste Rouge Paris

So back in gay Paree :)
Almost the last day of the production , just finalising the mix.

Paul and Nora came over this time as I am so wrecked I think I really needed their input here and not just from Kilkenny as usual.
Nora had a very strong idea about changing the order of some of Brunos music. At first Paul and I were really not so sure, especially me, I knew what we had worked pretty well after all the compliments we got in LA , and was afraid Bruno would be disappointed by us tinkering with his score.
But he was completely in agreement with it, Ms.Twomey was right on the money as per usual.
So happy days. I thunk this latest edit of the music is very powerful and more emotional.

Sound design by Seb and the mix by Fabien are really excellent and its cool to hear it all in 5.1.

I am suitably wrecked now, just gonna give the whole thing one more listen thru and then its a wrap!

I hope Stewy can come over with me for the print checking and colour tests in a few weeks.
With that done it will be all in the can as they say.


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