Monday, September 15, 2008


mad old first day. Was all good met some managers and Jonathon Loughran of the Irish filmboard over here.

DGA building is amazing. So massive and imposing. Great space for the screening and afters party and a great cinema.
Checked the tape, seems grand.
the picture loses a bit on NTSC Beta but its good enough as a work in progress screening type thing.

hollywood looks like it does on telly , maybe a bit grotty around the edges thats all.

Off to meet the wee Brian McGrath and Barry OD and the Barley films crew tonight with Mike Nyugen of July Films.

Then need to sleep a lot cos tommorow its Warners , then an agent the Fox then Titmouse then fly to SF for the night.




  1. I was in Hollywood for the first time last year on Halloween. It's just as you say, pretty grotty around the edges, but still has a certain seduction to it; or that could have been all the girls in skimpy Halloween costumes.

    Good luck with the screenings.