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sloscars kilkenny

wish i coulda been there lads!

Red carpet treatment in Kilkenny Oscars

Pat Moore
Tuesday, March 2, 2010
A LITTLE bit of Hollywood came to Kilkenny with an Oscar party for Cartoon Saloon in the Set Theatre.


Assunta Domanico receives her award for the best foreign accent

Although they missed out on the award for Best Animated Feature Film, the animation company celebrated their nomination in style.

Staff from the company, friends and family gathered to watch the Academy Awards live on a giant screen.

As guests walked the red carpet into the private party they got a small taste of what it was like for those attending the main event at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles.

As a warm up to the main event Cartoon Saloon held their own alternative version of the Oscars called the Schloscars. A list of nominees was posted on Facebook leading up to big night and people voted for their favourites. Winners were presented with gold statuettes designed especially for the event.

The winners were as follows: Best in pictures - Nicci St George Smith; Male hair in a leading role - Mick Greene; Female hair in a leading role - Capri Parysek


Mick Greene and Capri Parysek both winners in the best hair category.

Performance in a supporting role - Arthur Drohan; Most animated person - Eilis Brophy; Achievement in giving directions - Alan Slattery; Best foreign accent - Assunta Domanico; Achievement in costume design/make-up - Marie Thorhauge Torslev; Music in a leading role - Mark Stewart; Best animated dance of the year - Paul Young; Best short temper subject - Mark Stewart and Achievement in laughing - Helen Jackson.

Due to being in Los Angeles attending the Academy Awards, Paul Young of Cartoon Saloon was unable to accept his award in person. He did however send a video clip from beside the pool in his hotel in LA thanking everyone for their votes.


Arthur Drohan makes his acceptance speech after receiving his award

When the Best Animation Feature Film category was announced there were huge cheers for Cartoon Saloon as Director of The Secret of Kells Tomm Moore and his wife Liselott Olofsson were caught several times on camera.

The award was given to Disney-Pixar's Up but there was no disappointment shown by Cartoon Saloon who said they were thrilled to have received the nomination.

Speaking afterwards to Kilkenny Alive, Ross Stewart, Art Director for The Secret of Kells, said: "It was amazing to lose to a film like Up. We didn't expect to win. We won by being nominated for the Oscar. Just to be there at the awards ceremony is our prize. How amazing was it to see Tomm and the rest of them up there on the screen?"

Other nominees with Kilkenny connections also missed out on awards. The Door’, Directed by Juanita Wilson and produced by her husband James Flynn, who has deep Kilkenny roots, lost out to The New Tenants by Joachim Back and Tivi Magnusson; George Clooney who is related to the family of the late Pearse Clooney of Maudlin Street, Kilkenny lost out to Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart.


Ross, Mark and Evan Stewart at the party in the Set

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