Thursday, March 11, 2010

Confirmed dates for Us screenings...more to follow:)

*Confirmed theatrical engagements:*

March 12 - Village East Cinema, NYC

March 19 - *Boston, MA*; Landmark Kendall Sq (w/ Tomm's apperance)
March 19 - *Philadelphia, PA*; Landmark Ritz at the Bourse
March 19 - Pleasantville, NY; Jacob Burns Film Center
March 19 - Greenwich, CT; Bowtie Cinemas (about to confirm via email, if
this does not leave enough time, let me know)

March 26 - Amherst, MA; Amherst Cinema

April 2 - *Chicago, IL*; Siskel Film Center
April 2 - *Washington, DC*; Landmark E Street Cinema
April 2 - *San Diego, CA*; Landmark Ken Cinema
April 2 - *San Francisco, CA*; Landmark theater to be determined
(pushing for Embarcadero)
April 2 - *Berkeley, CA*; Landmark Shattuck
April 2 - *San Jose, CA*; Camera Cinemas

April 9 - *Houston, TX*; Angelika Houston
April 9 - Santa Fe, NM; CCA Cinematheque

Apr 12 - Cape Ann, MA; Cape Ann Community Cinema

Apr 16 - *Dallas, TX*; Angelika Dallas
Apr 16 - Shreveport, LA; Robinson Film Center
Apr 16 - Portland, ME; Movies at the Museum
Apr 16 - Columbus, OH; Gateway Film Center
Apr 16 - Denver, CO; Starz Denver Film Center

Apr 23 - Iowa City, IA; Bijou Film Center
Apr 23 - Phoenix, AZ; Harkins Valley Art

Apr 30 - Salt Lake City, UT; Broadway Centre

May 7 - Omaha, NE; Film Streams

May 14 - *Seattle*, WA; Landmark theater to be determined
May 14 - Kansas City, MO; Tivoli Theater

May 21 - Park City, UT - Park City Film Series
May 22 - Bellingham, WA; Pickford Cinema

May 28 - Tacoma, WA; Grand Cinema
May 28 - Spokane, WA; Magic Lantern
May 28 - Springfield, MO; Moxie Cinema
May 28 - Colubmia, MO; Ragtag Cinema
May 28 - Ft Collins, CO; Lyric Cinema

June 4 - Tuscon, AZ; Loft Cinema


  1. Whom should I email about possibly setting up a screening here in Atlanta?

    In the past we've (ASIFA-Atlanta) showed "Sita Sings the Blues", "Mary and Max", and work from Don Hertzfeldt.

    Also, "Secret of Kells" is beautiful!!

  2. Try to get a screening at the Rafael Theater in San Rafael (California Film Institute), CA., about 15 miles north of San Francisco in Marin County.

  3. I live near Greenville, SC. Any chance the movie will come within that area?

    They showed "Sita" and "Mary and Max" in Atlanta? When?

    - Inkan1969

  4. I don't suppose there's ANY chance of having this beautiful film be shown anywhere in Wyoming, is there?

    Blast this backward, uncultured mess of a state I live in...

  5. I'm surprised that there are no showings in Los Angeles, but I'm not complaining because I live closer to San Diego anyhow.

  6. I've been assuming for weeks that we'd get The Secret of Kells in Minneapolis as soon as it got a limited release, and I'm seriously disappointed not to see us on this list. This is a great town for independent films and there's now way that the movie wouldn't draw huge crowds. Please do whatever you can to get it here!

  7. Chapell Hill and Raleigh are great locations for this film. Lots of educated and hip individuals and some excellent theatres (Rialto in Raleigh for example) who love indy films.

  8. I went to the Landmark theaters website and couldn't find anything listed in the S.F. Bay Area. I'm trying to organize a group outing for our local homeschool support group and would like to give folks as much notice as possible. When will the details for screening times become available?

  9. When I searched the AMC Theater website, the release date is listed as April 2nd. Hopefully this means our local theater will be showing it then. Ever since seeing the movie online, I've been super stoked about seeing it on the big screen. Keep your fingers crossed people!

  10. Please note that this extraordinary film is now playing at the Lark Theater in Marin County, just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. A lovelier and more comfortable venue than the Rafael in San Rafael, for Anonymous who posted on March 11!