Monday, March 08, 2010

morning after

great night had by all! thanks to everyone who was with us in spirit!


  1. Congrats on the nomination, there was some tough competition this year. For the record, I'll be seeing Secret of Kells for the second time in NY tonight. Best of luck with a wider release for this wonderful film.

  2. How was the red carpet experience to you? What was the process of making that Aisling interview clip? We're curious to know!

    Anyway, even for a few seconds, it was great to see you on TV! Congrats and hope many positive things are coming your way through this nomination!

  3. Dear Tomm, you got almost everything one can get as a reward for a creative achievement in movie industry. And the fact that this golden statue is not in your possesion yet, is a good reason to go on with your other film ideas... until next time!

  4. Too bad you guys didn't win. IMO it beats Up by a landslide.

  5. Congratulations on all the Oscar glory. Though you didn't win TBOK will ALWAYS be known as an Oscar Nominated Film.

    I'm trying to coordinate a group viewing of the film with a group of my fellow 2D animators. We gotta support are brethren, few they may be ;) On a personal note the imagery of this film brought me back to a time when I was infatuated with Celtic lore and imagery. Its almost overwhelming to see it brimming over in just one still. The love of the subject matter comes through SO beautifully.

    If you ever need any extra international animation help for "Song of the Sea" please don't hesitate to ask. It would be an honor!

  6. Maybe, it's better this way.
    Oscar became suspicious and funny awards.

  7. I'm a huge fan of traditional 2D and wish there were more craftsmen/artists out there willing to embrace it as the wonderful medium that it is and not as the default for poorly made kids' shows on television.
    I know that you're not looking for outside story ideas now, but please feel free to check out my comic if ever you'd like to. I'd love the chance to work with you. =)

  8. I'm steamed that 'Kells' didn't win, but I'm excited to see it with my friends. Here's to a statewide release! I'm lifting a cup of apple juice to you all.

    And I wish I could animate 'Song of the Sea' with you all.

  9. Tomm,
    First off Congrats on the nomination, it was well desreved.
    I Caught you at the animation symposium at the Academy on thursday night and have to say.. You are a real inspiration to anyone out here trying to make a difference and making a change to the face of animation. I've been following Kells from very early on and when I saw it I was not let down. I felt like it was a breath of fresh air and hold it in high regard ( along side some of my favorites like the Disney classics and Triplets of Bellville ) I wish you all the best in the future and I hope someday to get to a point where I can work along side someone with your passion and persistence.
    As an artist working in the industry and knowing how hard it is to get on something you really believe in I want to say .. Thank you for giving us all such a great film and I wish you the best and many blessings so that you can continue to share with the rest of us what ever you can in the years to come!

  10. I was wondering if there is anywhere to buy the movie poster that you have on your Twitter page, with Aisling running with the wolves. =)

  11. Saw your film late last week here in New York. Sold out!
    I really enjoyed it.
    Super good-

  12. Hi Tomm, I think it was almost a foregone conclusion that Up will take home the prize. Its presence in the BP category seemed to validate this. But despite that, I was actually keeping my fingers crossed for Kells (though I respect the Academy's decision, I still share the same opinion as Anonymous above). Well, the miracle may not have come, but hey, don't things work in mysterious ways? And, it is not always that one attains glory through the most obvious means.