Thursday, March 11, 2010


So via Twitter (!) I discovered Kells is playing in Montreal right now.
thats cool, hope people there know about it. I did'nt.

I went to the Oscar nominated shorts in the IFC here in NY tonight. Some of the "highly commended" ones like Partly Cloudy and Runaway were everybit as good as the nominees.
I saw "The Art of the Steal" too, which was depressing but well made - like most documentarys sadly. I hope The Cove winning the Oscar will help somehow with the plight of the marine life it featured. I wonder if Art of the Steal will help change peoples attitudes to Art being displayed against the donors wishes...

Anyway I peeked in on the Kells screenings and its good to see a healthly crowd at each showing.
Thanks New York. I took a picture of the sign before they took the big letters down.
I'm doing some Q+As tommorow in the east village cinemas...hope theres the same amount of interest there:)


  1. Aaaaaargh! I missed your Q&A by one day!!! I love the film, Tomm: it's a beauty and did the Tuatha proud. Hugest congratulations! I'm posting your link on my FB page, and leading it in by a "transliteration" of Aisling's song...

    And all, just in time for Irish Day! (March 17th)

  2. There's definitely people aware that it's playing in Montreal - saw it today, and while the theater wasn't full, there were others there as well. Absolutely magnificent movie!!