Tuesday, March 09, 2010

New York New York

back in the big apple, totally exhausted.
sadly lovely liselott had to continue onwards home to Kilkenny tonight.
I am in the swanky Marriott Hotel - thanks Gkids and ready for a good kip after digesting
my latest hoard of comics from Meltdown in La. Nice.

tommorow looks reasonably busy with press again, its all good and although its a pity not to be back on the old sod until the end of the month, I'll b excited to see NY and Boston around Paddys day.

oiche mhaith agaibh.

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  1. Some of the editors from DC comics are excited to see the film [got an email from one after the Times piece was published] If you haven't already you should email and get yourself a tour of the DC offices - they are pretty funky and worth seeing