Sunday, March 07, 2010

oscars day

woke up early, nervous like Christmas day when i was five years old.

good box office news from new york too ;)



  1. Good Luck and have fun tonight... :)

  2. Best of Luck Nora and Tomm - from the cousins in Kilcrenagh (Cork). Ed and Eileen

  3. i make a wish for you ...good luck

  4. just watched the film with a sold out crowd in Oklahoma City at the art museum downtown. BEAUTIFUL film and wonderfully stylized. Love the colors, and I like all the circular geometry and play between background and foreground. Cheers, and best of luck at the Oscars!

  5. You just lost to UP.....EPIC FAIL. Hopefully the film will do well at the box office.

  6. Hello Tomm, I just saw the nomination for your movie The Secret of Kells and was compelled to check out what it was. This was the first that I heard of it and I had to see if I could find it on blu-ray. Sadly it's not out yet but then I checked to find a preview of it. I was totally speechless at the beauty of the artwork and motion and the style! Awesome awesome!
    If by chance you would be looking for any future story ideas, may I offer up my humble story from my graphic novel, Wapsi Square?
    Thank you much for your time, I sent you a request through Twitter. I greatly look forward to hearing back from you. =)

  7. I love the style and ilustrations of your movie they are beautiful and they are an inspiration for me, a simple graphic designer who loves art and new and great cartoons.
    Im happy for your nomination you all deserve it.
    Your movie is truely a piece of art.
    Greetings from Mexico

    PS sorry for my bad english

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  9. Hi Tomm, I deleted a previous comment because I suddenly realised that it might mislead other people from my true meaning. I should have left the Big Guy out, whom I deeply admire and respect. Apologies to all, I should have written it this way:

    Well, it's now way past those nervous Oscar moments. Still, we the fans of Kells will always be cheering for this marvelously wonderful (and very much underrated) animated film. In a way, much like other great works in film, Brendan and the Secret of Kells has also transcended itself. The seal "Product of Irish Heritage" that came with the DVD is proof of this. And I believe anything within the caliber of a national heritage may, in a way, be also considered a world heritage. Please keep up the good work. Thanks.