Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More Illumination on the Streets of Dublin!


  1. Wow! Those are pretty cool, Tomm. I remember you mentioning them not too long ago and I wondered what they would look like in motion. It looks like they are in quite a few places around Dublin too, so I hope they draw the people in!

  2. It's really heart-warming to see that this beautiful animated movie is loved out there :) Here in France we've had to battle hard to even have a chance to watch it (even in Paris...)! But it was worth the try, an enchanting experience!
    It's a chance I work in a bookstore, if no I would probably have missed the album and would never have been intrigued by it...

    And to end this comment, a little thing I'd like to show... It's really nothing, my own poor attempt to interpret Aisling, but still... There she is:

    Thank you for such a magic film :)

  3. Hy, Tomm!!! I’m from Brazil and I visit the Blog of Kells for a long time. I simply fell in love for the art the very first time I saw it. I really believe that is possible to make great movies in every place, talking about their local legends and history. I just can’t wayt to see the movie. Sorry for my terrible english!

  4. I can only join what Opportune said, (Salut Porte !) you guys made something really special and unique with this movie. Something very simple yet rich in the same time.

    Wonderful work !

    And I also wanted to offer you a personnal interpretation of the Aisling character as a faun-like creature But if the pointed ears and the horns are too disturbing, here is a more human version

    Once again thank you for all the efforts you made. This movie was a wonderful experience.

  5. I gotta say that I'm quite impressed by this project, I watched teasers and previews quite long ago and I was fascinated by the simple -yet outstanding- aesthetics you convey on the film. However it is to my dismay that I have not been able to see the film itself yet, I'm craving for it yet no word has been given of it coming out of Europe. I'm not sure if it is your intention to expand the reach of this project of yours into -at least- North America, yet it would be great if you did. Please tell me if within a near future we'll be able to see it around here. Being said that, I wish more and more success to this project and to you guys.