Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kells in Pixar and Disney!

We screened Kells in Pixar last night and had a great reception. It was an honour to screen it to some of the best artists in the animation business , including some personal heroes. They really liked it and even asked for a repeat screening next week!
We were very flattered.
It was a great buzz , with some old friend such as Ray doran from Kilkenny and Camille Leganza who was production manager on the film coming over to see it also.
Myself, Nora , Fabian,Paul and Barry are heading to LA in the morning.
We will screen Kells again in Disney feature where even more heroes of ours will see it !
Hope they like it as much as the guys in Pixar did.

The good vibes here and the sunshine have been a real boost to the spirits.
Big thanks to everyone in Pixar who came to see our film but thanks especially to Adam Burke ,
a true gent who made the whole trip possible .


  1. congratulations Tomm, we are both supporting you guys!!

  2. That's amazing! Hey, I want to see this movie too, any chance of it coming to Canada (or more specifically, Toronto?)

  3. well done tomm, that's good timing!
    when will youse show off in japan? sure the guys from ghibli would get a great kick out of kells too
    brendan rocks

  4. Do the screenings at Pixar and the Disney studios mean that Disney's going to distribute the film?

  5. You should contact about a screening at VIFF. Sita Sings the Blues is showing, and your film would get a big turnout. I'd jump at the chance to see it here in Vancouver after seeing the clips on YouTube. I'm a fan :)