Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Paul can't get excited like us or his fake beard falls off.
Official Band photo.
so L.A.
Those are some good burgers dude.
Two animators from Germany.

The actual Mr.Erlinghauser meets the actual Mr.Incredible. .
paul and upside down paul
Paul Young , the man, the trousers, the legend


  1. I had the chance to see the film at Disney... I was blown away. Simply terrific.

  2. i'm very jealous that you guys met Mr. Deja.it would be amazing to meet him and hear his storys.

  3. I just talked to a friend who saw the film when you were at Disney. He raved about it. I can't wait to see it.

  4. Sadly I've been to both LA and SF and I've only seen the outsides of either Pixar or Disney in person. I'm currently working on applications for both (and Cartoon Saloon). So help me, this is the year I'm getting into one of the three....

  5. Hey Cartoon Saloon Crew,

    When will Book of Kells have its US Premier? I am very anxious to see the entire product. The trailers are AMAZING.

  6. I've seen the trailer, and I am itching to see the completed product. When, oh, WHEN will "Secret of Kells" be available in the US?