Monday, March 09, 2009

Go to the Cinema!

If anyone is holding off going to see this film in Ireland, please don't !
We need people to see it this week while its on plenty of screens!
Otherwise it might only get a short run in cinemas and its really best viewed on the big screen....


  1. Saw this on Saturday in Kilkenny, I took my 2 nephews and 1 niece. They were thrilled, we all thought the film was amazing. The kids related easily to the characters of Brendan and Aisling and the animation was stunning, completely different to anything you see these days. We visit the Kell's Priory ruins quite frequently and it was spine tingling seeing the story on the big screen. There wasn't a big crowd, I'd urge people to see it while its on the big screen which is the way the animation deserves to be seen.

  2. I saw it in Dublin on Saturday. A beautiful, beautiful film; as close to being flawless as anything I've ever seen at the cinema. Don't think twice; just go and see it. Breathtakingly magical.

  3. Is there a date set for release in England?

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