Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mia et le Migou

I was surprised to discover that this beautiful film was not very well known in the hallowed halls of Disney and Pixar.
I saw it at Cartoon Movie this year.

I voted for Jacques Remy Girerd as Director of the year.

Its just a beautiful inspiring film.
I hope it gets a good English dub so i can watch it again without subtitles.
more power to Folimage!


  1. hahaha thanks Tomm, I'm glad you liked it!

    Mia et le Migou is a very nice film, there should be more 2D films production everywhere...

  2. Wow, very pretty. Hope to see it soon.

    This is my first time seeing anything about it, too; so don't be too hard on the Pixar/Disney guys...

  3. I also loved his previous film
    la prophecy des grenouilles
    check it!
    it's great

  4. Anyone knowns where I can find subtitles for this movie???

  5. Could anyone tell me where the subtitles for this animated movie can be found? I only came across Spanish, which was of no use for me.