Monday, December 07, 2009


Wow, a great but exhaysting couple of days here in the US.
On Saturday Tony White surprised Ross and I after the screening with the Roy E.Disney award.
Its a great honour for us , to be on a short list of recipients from previous years such as Don Hahn , Richard Williams and Roy himself.
Tony, Saille and all involved in the 2d or not 2d festival have been really lovely and welcoming , its been fantastic to discover Seattle a little bit too - somewhere I've been curious about for years and years.

Yesterday I got up at 5 am and flew down to LA for the Asifa screening in the AMC in Burbank.
So, many people showed up, it was lovely. I actually sat thru' the film again, for the first time in ages, well maybe just since Belfast. I reckon I must have been at a screening almost once a week this year, but its always differentw ith a new audience. This time it was with some amazing artists and their families from the LA community.
Jerry Beck of Cartoon Brew lead the Q+A afterwards , which i really enjoyed though mayeb I rambled a bit in my jetlagged exhausted state! But it seemed to go well despite that!

Thanks again to everyone here Stateside.

We do a talk in Digipen today, then grab a last bite of good veggie grub here in Redmond at the Teapot and its off home for a couple of days.

Then on Friday its off to the European Film rest for the wicked!!

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