Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Amazing that the first Christmas post was 2005!
This project still occupies quite a bit of my time , even if its not what I'm working on everyday.
Production wrapped almost 18 months ago now,and since the first screening in France last January to now has been a whole other journey I never expected when we began.

So a Happy Christmas from me to everyone who worked on this film , everyone who watched this film, supported this film, talked about it, reviewed it or bought a DVD!

And don't forget the screening in the Egyptian theatre in Hollywood on the 9th of January!



  1. Today I found your blog and the film website. Very very nice sketches, superb backgrounds and concept, wonderful colours... Gorgeous work!! And so dear to me, as I studied Early Irish Lierature in Dublin some years ago.
    I'm looking forward to watch the film in Spain.
    Merry Christmas! Felices Pascuas Tomm!

  2. it's strange. I read your blog though I've never watched this movie. But the pictures are so pretty. I wonder how i found this blog... mh.. i dont remember... good question...

  3. Dear Mr Moore,

    We really loved brendan and the secret of Kells and would like to buy the DVD but can only find it in french...
    Could you please tell us where we could buy an english version of that great movie ?
    My e-mail address is :
    Many thanks for your help !