Wednesday, December 02, 2009

2d or not 2d

So, tommorow I am off to Seattle to the 2d or not 2d festival and on Sunday I fly down to LA for the screening in the AMC in Burbank where I'll do a Q+A with the famous Jerry Beck of Cartoon Brew. Be there or be square.


  1. I really wish i could make it to the Q&A in Burbank, but I'm stuck on the east coast (as usual). Hope you enjoy Seattle Tomm. Keep an eye out for the short film "The Thing in the Distance" by my good acquaintance Elliot Cowan. It involves two characters (Boxhead and Roundhead) as well as Elliot's rather unique brand of humour :)

  2. Hi Charles. You'll be pleased to know that Elliot won a Golden Pencil Award at the festival. Tomm and Ross Steward won honorary Golden Pencils, as well as our special "Roy E. Disney Award" for the contribution Cartoon Saloon has made (and will make) to the artform of animation. 'Kells' got a standing ovation from the audience too. A definite masterwork! I was honored to present the guys and their film. Tony. :^{)}=-