Friday, November 13, 2009

Saloon Shop

Just letting folks know that we are planning a Saloon shop on our site to sell DVDs (signed by me with original sketches by myself) , books, etcetera.
Please leave a comment if think you would be interested...good to get an idea of how many to stock up on.
We might sell out . You never know. ahah


  1. The DVD offer (with original sketches, no less) is incredibly tempting, though that would put me at 2 DVDs I can't play locally...

    On the other hand, I would absolutely buy an artbook or a 'the making of' book for the Secret of Kells, granted it would probably be through my friend in Cork, unless you all decided to be generous and offer international shipping...

  2. I'm not sure if I'd even be able to play the DVDs (silly region restrictions) but I'd definitely be interested in anything being sold related to the Secret of Kells. =) I still haven't actually watched the movie but it's probably the most gorgeous animated film I've ever seen judging by clips and screen stills. I can't get enough of it and can't wait till it's out here in the US.

    I don't think I've ever posted here, but I'm an avid follower of the blog and love all the extra art and information that's up here. Thanks so much for sharing everything!

  3. I would be very interested in that.

  4. Hello - I'm probably in the wrong place for writing this, but I just wanted to say how very much I enjoyed 'Brendan and the Secret of Kells.' I'm a teacher, and our school was one of a number of schools that recently went on an an outing to see 'Brendan and the Secret of Kells.' At the time, I just thought it would be a nice treat for the children, but I have to say that when the film began, I was completely sucked in myself (I'm still thinking about it a few weeks later!). It's a beautiful film - both story and art-wise :)


    (And so that this comment is somewhat on topic - I'd definitely be interested in the Saloon shop)

  5. Hello there, what do you mean by original signed sketches with DVD's? Who did the sketches? are these sketches signed individually by the artists that worked on this feature? Are they original Backgrounds or Character Designs or Animation Drawings signed by the artists that produced them?

  6. Personally. I think Is a good idea. I´ve allready bought the french edition since it is not in spain. But won´t say no to the chance of having this "special edition" you´re talking about.

  7. I have to say that an art of book would be amazing, especially if a thorough job is done on explaining the design choices made in regards to the Book of Kells. I guarantee that I would buy one.

  8. Dear Tomm
    Great meeting you guys when you were
    in Vancouver at Spark Animation 2009.
    I'd love to get a few NTSC special edition
    A Beautiful film.
    Thanks again for visiting BC.
    Take care
    Best regards

  9. I just found out about this movie today and am near tears when I found its most likely showing in the Us. I'm really hoping I can get it on dvd at least. Classic 2d animated movies are what I grew up on and I love them to death.

    P.s. I hope you guys win! Good luck

  10. Apart from the DVD, books and comics would be great. How's the English version of the comic coming along?

    Also, do you think there'll be Blu-ray version of the film in the US? I was looking forward to get French Blu-ray of the film but ended up disappointed by the lack of English track. I think you can help make it happen as Kells would look absolutely gorgeous in high def.

  11. HI would be really interested in getting a DVD long with the original sketches. I think this would be cool. Could you please let me know when this happens?

  12. Definitely interested in anything and everything! (Esp. an "Art of" book... hellz yeah!

  13. Hey Tomm,

    A Saloon shop would definitely be very cool. It'd be great to be able to buy artwork seperately as well having already bought the Kells DVD.



  15. For the love of all that is good and holy, PLEASE make an art book! But as it stands, I'd buy a DVD I couldn't play just for the sketch :)

  16. As a animation collector, I'd be most interested in original pieces, your artwork is stunning! I'd love to participate in the charity auction but alas, I'm no where near California ;_; Any chance there may be some available online in the future?

    Oh! And mark me down for art book too, that would be amazing inspirational piece to have and flip thru! ^_^

  17. I'd buy a signed/sketched blu ray as long as it was region A.

    canneryrowdoc (at) yahoo (dotcom)