Thursday, November 19, 2009

variety and london buses

In Dreamworks amazing campus yesterday I was flicking thru Variety and saw a picture of Aisling and Brendan at the waterfall in there. Which was a bit surreal. Mentioned in an article about the 20 qualifying features this year. So many great films, hard to believe that theres two handdrawn feature in the running, four stop motion and such exceptional CG entries , when we began production on Kells traditional animation seemed resigned to TV specials for stop mo and tv series for hand drawn .
So its interesting at least to see life in the old dogs yet, however it would be a really great day when the technique was not seen as remarkable and it was excepted that some stories simply suit being told in different techniques.

Anyway , the other mad Kells related thing that happened yesterday is that Pauls brother in London texted to say he saw Aisling posters on the side of London buses!! She is the kind of mascot for the London Childrens Film Festival this year!

So even two years almost after we finished productin we still seeing the film creeping out into the world in all sorts of unexpected ways.

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