Thursday, November 19, 2009

Shout Outs

Just a couple of thank yous to Pam Koller and Jamie Bolio and all the other friends of the film out here in L.A. who have been helping to spread the word on Kells thru the animation community.
They are linking in with Asifa and working with our distributors to help make sure people get to see Kells here in the AMC in Burbank when it does its qualifying run . Hopefully that will get a positive buzz going for the release next year as well.


  1. Do see if you can arrange a showing at CalArts for their animation department! I have a few friends there I've been trying to bully into seeing it and they never seem to get around to it...

  2. Dear Shadra D,

    I have been really busy with CTN and then Thanksgiving and didn't even look at this site until tonight- bad me. I will take you up on your offer to pursue Cal Arts being an alum and married to an alum and raise you a screening. I'll get on it first thing next week. Here is my phone number if you want to contact me. (562) 533-2136. In the meantime try and get your fellow students to the ASIFA Oscar run at the AMC Burbank 8 from Dec. 4th- Dec. 10th. This is the future of the new animation studio and Cal Arts might want to be apart of it- grassroots style.

    Hey Tomm and Paul thank for the Shout Out.