Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Oscar Run + New US distribution

We have moved to a new distributor for the US - GKIDS
They have great films like Azur and Asmar, Mia and the Migou and Sita Sings the Blues on their books and we are very happy to be working with them.

They plan a US release next year around St.Patricks day with a few screenings leading up to that starting in the new year.
They have also put Kells in for an Oscar run this year.

Its a crazy competitive year with so many great animated features eligible this year we know a nomination is a long shot but we thought we might as well go for it any way.
You never know....


  1. Congrats!

    I can't wait to finally see the movie here in the US. I was amazed at the preview I saw last year when I visited the studio in Kilkenny.

  2. I am dying to see this. Any chance it'll be in the mid-west soon?

  3. That's wonderful news!!! So happy to hear this!

  4. In my mind it's not such a long shot for an Oscar. What an amazing film. I'm glad you're with a new distributor. It seemed like Empire was just sitting on their hands.

  5. woohoo! good luck on getting qualified for the oscars!

  6. I hope you guys are cleared for the Oscar submission deadlines (entry Nov 2, film Nov 13).

  7. I want to see this nominated for Oscar so badly. This film is a triumph of not just good film, but animated design and I think when films that break the current design mold are nominated, they inspire more experimentation in the visual design of animated features. I wish you the best of luck and I eagerly await seeing the full film.

  8. Oh blast, and after I had a friend in Ireland pick up a copy to bring to me legitimately!

    Well, I suppose I'll just have to own two...