Tuesday, July 01, 2008

flemish voices

So had a quick Skype contact with the voice director in Belgium and Vivianne the Belgian producer as they are recording the Flemish voices at the moment. Seems to be going well from the little bit I heard. I'm happy about that. It would be nice to be in Sunny Belgium instead of rainy Kilkenny but I am too busy here unfortunately to get there. Anyway I dont speak Flemish. I think its in good hands anyway!

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  1. hello, I am stduent in animation at gobelins art school and I went to the conference in Annecy about your film. (I am very interested about it since a long time now).

    I just want to thank you for the conference, it was really amazing to see the "trailer". And I love the music, I am a big fan of kila for a long time !

    I am really fascinating about your way of thinking the graphism, based on the historic book ofkells. I used the same way to create my own design. It's really important for me to take historicals influence, before to create something. it's more coherent I think. So in advance, I know I will love your film, thanks a lot!

    If you do another project inthe same way one day, please thinkto me because I reallydream about working on it!