Thursday, July 03, 2008


man, one of the best things about having Disney distributing the film here in Ireland is getting to the premieres!
Couple of weeks back we went to the Prince Caspian premiere in Dublintown and Ruth gave us a shout out in the intro speech!
Now I just got an invite to the Irish premiere of Wall.E



  1. I was there myself but got a more general shout out as one of the competition winners. :)

  2. Oh, if disney's distributing it, that means it should get a pretty accesible venue in North America.

    Despite their reuptation, I thought they did a good job of marketing all those Ghibli films without changing the work to much.

    And you won't be disapointed by Wall-e, I think.

  3. As an ex-Disney guy I can say that they have a huge marketing machinery, and they will probably get your film into markets you never thought it could go in. I am looking forward to seeing here in N.America soon. Oh, and nice new look to your blog.

  4. woohoo new looks,and the start of a new film! all grreeat

  5. Wall E is very boring, preachy and a bit crap tomm, if its out there yet go see Kung Fu Panda - i've seen it 3 times now and its still fantastic

  6. WallE was terrible! The Incredibles was the best Pixar (but Kells makes it look pathetic.) [=