Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So, working on the adaptation of the film into graphic novel form, roughi9ng out the pages .
Actually its quite challenging, to faithfully adapt each scene to comics form would take much more than the two albums and I want to give a lot of room to the "new" stories at the start, the prequels about Brendan in the first album and Aisling in the second.
Truth be told those are the really interesting bits for me as its new artwork.
Most of the comics adaptation is mainly reused or reworked existing artwork so thats a different kind of challenge.
Mainly whats weird is how "cuts" don't work as easily. In film because we have time , when we cut from one scene to another, theres an automatic link, but in teh comic its kind of confusing, and I tend group panels more.
Also the publisher wants a very "classical" grid type layout which is not my usual style in comics so I'm trying to keep the more loose and experimental layouts for the prequels and go for the classical grid for the adaptation.
It kind of makes sense as the prequel is a different time and location from the rest and also the adaptation part uses a lot of artwork thats already in "boxes" , as in, screen shots designed for a rectangular screen!
Anyway, its a pile of work in a tight period and with the Song of the Sea schedule staying fixed I am up to my eyes.
But sure its all good.
Does'nt help that i fell off my bike the other night and nearly cut my ear off!
I'm working away with a very dramatic looking bandage all around my head.
Great for extra sympathy ;)


  1. Hi Tomm, was wonderin if you'd post up any modelsheets from Brendan O'Kells. I'd like to make a maquette...
    cheers tim

  2. so we get to see a picture of this bandage then? oh and the comic looks good, especially the torch, some nice stuff happening there, heehee :)

  3. The bandages would be probably the closest thing an aniation director could get to a war-scar.

    The comic looks great, though I'll want to see the movie before I read it, so's not to give anything away.

    Any additional help on Song of the Sea might lighten the burden....

  4. Absolutely. We need to see a picture of these stitches in all their glory. Tomm Van Gogh!

  5. Wow! This looks great! Can't wait till the graphic novel is complete!

  6. Looks great Tomm... I wondered what you did on your long weekends.

  7. Whoopie! Looks super Tomm... I have always wondered what you did with that extra time you have between sundown and sun up.

  8. really looking forward to seeing more.
    looks great!


  9. Comicbook is looking beautiful man-using images from the film works really well -especially when they're drawn so well & the design is so good.

  10. I caught wind of the graphic novel adaptations of this wonderful film at the 2009 CTN Animation Expo, and almost bought them... except they were only in French! Is there any chance these will be translated into English and released in the US? I would love to own them as well as the movie itself! Excellent work :D

  11. Hi, I would love to get a copy of the graphic novel, in any language! Do you know where I can buy it? My sister lives in Kilkenny so could pick it up for me there if you have a local copy for sale. I am actually writing a conference paper on the film so have watched it LOTS of times by now. Love it, as do my kids. Maria