Monday, June 30, 2008

original animation drawings

APB to anyone who worked on Brendan , I have all he folders from the scenes animated in Kilkenny and Brussels , here in the studio, with the original layout posing and clean up drawings.

I am gonna recycle the whole lot very soon as we are moving to a different space and just wanted to give anyone who wants their original drawings back the chance to let us know.
I can't afford to post them out so anyone who wants it will have to pay for whatever it costs to get them to you .
Let me know as soon as you can.
Its a pity to recycle all those drawings but sure thats life .

I already have boxes and boxes of stuff going back years and years so I really need to clear out!

Just to be clear I have nothing that was cleaned up or animated in Kecskemet ...just scenes sent back from Lightstar in Brazil after clean up and inbetween was finished..

I really think we'll go to digital 2d for the next production....;)


  1. can i get some tom caulifeild drawings or a scence . i'll pay what ever the posting is

  2. jesus! so soon?

    Can you not just throw out some older stuff first? It seems mad to throw the drawings away.

    ...and it's cleaned-up work?
    This just seems like madness. Give them to me, I'll mind them for ye.

  3. this for people who worked on the film only? Cuz wow, I'd love some of those characters....

  4. Hi Tomm,

    If you have any memorable scenes by Tom or Andrejz or designs by Barry or Jean Baptist after they had their pick I'll be happy to lift them of your hands for whatever the price. Thanks in advance and good luck on the sound and music design and mixing.

  5. I'm sure they'd be worth something, though mind you that's only if you recycle the majority of them.

  6. Hello Tomm, this is Cristina from Brazil and I had the pleasure to work on the clean up of Brendan at Lightstar, and I am both shocked and delighted to know you're recycling it all. It really is a pity, since the drawings are wonderful, but the planet needs more people like you in fact.

    I also would like to ask if possible some scenes or drawings from Tom Caulfeld (his Aidan scenes are awesome) or Alessandra Sorrentino's cute Aisling scenes/ drawings? I would also love to have a sample of Martin Fagan's exquisite clean up. His work was inspiring and I learned a great deal from him. Of course I'll pay for the posting. Thank you very much!

    ps. I hope no bombs will be sent instead as in "thanks for ruining my scenes" ... I really hope I didn't ruin any scenes with my clean up... or not too many, at least.

  7. Hi Tom,
    Before you throw the stuff away. I've animated some scenes in Brussels at "Walking the Dog". I don't know if you have those ones, but it would be great to receive those and of course i'll pay what ever the posting is.
    If so, I can mail you a list with scenes i've animated (should I give you my email?). So euh, just let me know what I should do.
    (I think there are probably some more animators from Brussels who would love to receive their stuff as well)
    It was an unbelievable experience to work on this project and I'm very thankfull that i was involved. Since we are finished in Brussels I've regulary checked your blog. I think it's going to be amazing, you did a wonderfull job. I'm really looking forward to the finishing film. Very exciting! ok, this turned out to be a pretty long post.. but well I guess i wanted to say at least once how thankfull I am.

  8. It might take up more time than it's worth , but I wonder if it might generate some income to auction the animation drawings on eBay (buyer pays postage and handling costs) ? Animation fans/collector would be interested in these drawings. You could auction them off as scenes or groups of scenes (not individual drawings.) I realize storage space is an issue and you may need to get rid of these more quickly than would be allowed by auctioning them off on eBay, but it would be shame to see this beautiful artwork shredded.

    Maybe you could at least save 5 -to - 10 key drawings from every scene , even if the majority of the drawings have to go through the shredder.