Monday, June 09, 2008

dublin airport my old friend

just for the craic heres a post from my old friend the surfbox coin operated terminal in dublin airport.

heading over for some final editing and also the annecy presentation.

basically hope this is the last week long trip for a looong while.

need to catch up on a lot of stuff in kilkenny.
like my marriage, sleep and plenty of neglected cartoon saloon stuff....

still its all good - annecy in the sunshine ...happy days...sure even annecy in the rain is fairly deadly!

1 comment:

  1. hi.
    i attended your presentation for the annecy festival yesterday and just needed to express how impressed i've been since then, by the incredible amount of work you presented and more importantly by the aesthetically-driven reflexion behind your project.
    i am a french phd student in cg and just wanted to stress how inspiring your work is.
    however i'm also pretty frustrated that so many years of drawings have been squeezed in just 2 hours and strongly hope that you'll be able to release an artbook about your movie. and not only about its final version, but also about the whole graphical history behind it.

    anyway, thanks a bunch for this great presentation!

    sorry, my "comment" is pretty long, but i did not find any email address so... =)