Saturday, June 14, 2008

editing finished + annecy

it was so hectic again this week , my head is spinning.
In Paris we finally locked the editing. Kinda scary , thats it.
Some retakes still to come for a few scenes and some changes on the last sequence
based on the screening but other than that the visuals are done.
Its kinda weird. I'll have to find a way to show all the cut stuff some day too.

on Wednesday when the editing was finished I traveled to Annecy , its such a beautiful part of the world and the festival is so exciting. I really hope to go for the whole thing next year hopefully less tired and able to see more and enjoy it at a leisurely pace.
Met plenty of old friends and it was good old craic. It was great to meet the old Skunkers and Joost and Eric of KACHING cartoons for a few scoops.
The presentation went well maybe a bit too much stuff crammed into the time we had but I think it was interesting for people in general.

Even have my mug in the latest Animation Magazine so thats kinda cool.

The Richard Williams exhibition in Annecy was very impressive and I'm looking forward to getting the DVD of his masterclasses he is bringing out. At the Belgian party after the presentation I met to lucky sould who have been working with him on it in Bristol.

Unfortunatly our presentation clashed with his so I did'nt even get to see that.

Rene Broca and Christelle Rony were very nice and helpful and it was really great to be asked to go to Annecy, Big thanks to them!


  1. Hello there.
    I was at yer Annecy presentation. It was really interesting.
    I'm really looking forward to seeing the final film, having seen so much of the designs and conceptual twists and turns along the way.
    oh..and myself and the people I was there with have decided that you have to make an "Art of" book... bigger than the Open Season book but much much cheaper.

  2. - yeah... I was thinking of saying hello or something but you were on stage and I wasn't and I didn't really know if you'd be out and about afterwards and then I thought I'd probably run out of things to say after "hello." so I just left.
    Anyway, we both know Barry O'D so I'm sure there'll be other chances :D

  3. hey Tomm
    it was great to see you, ross and the film are doing well!
    had a great time in annecy
    next year the whole film?