Monday, October 04, 2010

Uk reviews summary

October 01, 2010, Daily Mirror - Ticket, David Edwards, 4 star review

“Old school and proud of it, it's no surprise this toon earned an Oscar nomination earlier in the year...Strike a blow for tradition and see it”

October 01, 2010, The Times - Arts and Entertainment, Kate Muir, 4 star review

"...THE SECRET OF KELLS is a hand-drawn Celtic extravaganza....Take a child to see the inspiring KELLS rather than Garfield's Pet Force 3D"

October 01, 2010, The Guardian, Peter Bradshaw – 3 star review

“A low key pleasure.”

October 01, 2010, Daily Telegraph, Tim Robey, 4 star review

"...The look of the film is simply ravishing. The highly stylised images...are all realised with a gorgeous intricacy".

October 01, 2010, Daily Star - Big Screen, Alan Frank, 6/10

"This Irish animated feature looks great. But it's strictly for kids"

October 01, 2010, Metro - Life, Angie Errigo, 3 Stars

"The artistry is beautiful, the tale of courageous quest affecting. But children addicted to showier...3D might chafe at something of subtler (although frequently scary) style"

Fri 1st, The Evening Standard, 3 star review

“It is the original animation that draws you into the film which parents may take their children to without fear of adult boredom.”

Sat 2nd, The Times, Kate Muir 4 star review

“A compelling animated film for children – and an artistic delight for adults.”

Sat 2nd, The Guardian (Guide), “Out Now”

“Irish animation whose vibrant, intricate aesthetic is in tune with its monks and illuminated manuscripts.”

Sat 2nd, The Daily Telegraph (Review), Tim Robey 4 star review

“Intricately gorgeously drawn, the story of Ireland’s medieval Book of Kells is a complete and magical delight.”

Sun 3rd, The Sunday Times (Culture), 3 star review

“It’s handsomely done and serves a decent story.”

Sun 3rd, The Sunday Telegraph (Seven), Jenny McCartney – 4 star review

“The quirky style of animation echoes the drawings and calligraphy of the Book of Kells itself, while the mesmeric tale weaves myth and magic together with the historical miracle of the book’s own survival through fierce and freezing times.”

Sun 3rd, The Observer (Review), Philip French – no star rating

“It’s about the creation of that which endures and asserts both man’s faith in the spirit and his celebration of the beauty of this world.”

Sun 3rd, Mail on Sunday, Jason Solomons 3 star review

“The story is certainly enchanting and should appeal to smart children.”

Sun 3rd, The Independent on Sunday, Nicholas Barber - no star rating

“The film is still a treat, thanks to its stylised, kaleidoscopic artwork.”


  1. What is in this movie strictly for kids?

    I watched it several times.Recommend it to friends.lobby for its popularity in my area

    None of them said this.

  2. "Stictly for kids"? I can't disagree more! If anything I think the film is not for young children at least, and there are more than enough layers to the story to occupy adults.