Monday, October 04, 2010

Uk poster

And don't forget to if your in the US you can buy the DVd or bluray in your local Target, Best Buy or Barnes and Noble tommorow!


  1. Hey Tomm,

    Didn't see an e-mail, so I'll just give you the link to the interview here:

    Thanks again, it was really great speaking with you.


  2. wow cool uk coming out 1st nov is comic book coming out same day

  3. I stumbled upon this movie yesterday in Best Buy. I was looking for a new movie to interest my 3 year old son. We watched it together last night and I was completely blown away- this is just incredible. My son woke me this at 6 this morning asking "can we see Kells again?". What a beautiful story told in an amazing style, wrapped in Celtic mythology and history. Thank you for this gift of a movie,one I can tell my son is part of his heritage.

  4. An amazing gift ... thank you my whole family can't get enough of it

  5. Amazing! i'm so glad this has finally come out in the UK :)