Sunday, October 17, 2010

Two years!

Since we wrapped and still I'm enjoying Reading reviews abd tweets, blogs and
mentions from people discovering thus film fir the first time.
I bought empire yesteday and there was the review on paper in the magazine
I always read.And The DVD release in the uk is very soon actually.
I think the us DVD bluray and especially netflix (number one for instant streaming the day it was released!)release has allowed more people
than ever before see the film. That's what it's all about really.
It was slow to finance, slow to make and slow to find a large audience but I feel like we are getting there the same way , slow and steady. Maybe it's good this way , it all lasts longer and doesn't fizzle out so fast.


  1. I just watched your movie. It's utterly beautiful and brilliant.

  2. Just to let you know, I purchased the DVD yesterday and I absolutely loved the film. I have been waiting to see it for so long. A french artist I like posted about it on his deviant art page about a year ago and I thought it looked great so I looked it up and I fell in love with the style of it. I've been following your blog and reviews waiting for the DVD or some sort of release in my area of the US and it finally came out. I absolutely LOVE the film. Fantastic. And I recommended that it should be featured in the weekly news at my school, Animation Mentor. Thanks for such and enjoyable film.


  3. I can't thank you and your crews and your backers enough for making this film. I teach art and design history, and include an illumination project--inspired (in part) by the Book of Kells. I've been raving about the production since before the Oscar nomination (I showed the trailer in class), and have finally been able to get the Blu-Ray DVD here in the US. It's every bit as wonderful as I had hoped. I especially like the commentary on the origins of the concept, with its nods to Klimt, the Expressionists, and the other inspirations. It makes my job easier (especially since I teach budding animators) to be able to point out how much modern filmmaking owes to "standing on the shoulders of giants." Congratulations on making a superb film!

  4. In this month's Empire? Hmm, will have to pick me up a copy of that ...

    #TheSecretOfKells is my favourite Twitter tag at the moment, I must say. Really makes me smile to see folk enjoying it so.

    And long may it last!

  5. Just watched it today...
    And i think i'll keep a misty cat in my mind for a long, long time!

  6. Tomm,

    I am writting you from OKAM Studio in Buenos Aires Argentina. I would like to make you an interview could you please contact me at
    Thank you very much,

  7. Mr. Tomm Moore, I had bought the Secret of Kells DVD, watched the movie and I thoguht it was a great movie. The best character in the movie is REALLY Aisling. I wish that Aisling was featured more in the movie. You know, you should do a TV series that has Aisling as the star, because at the start of the movie, she says, "I have lived through many ages...". And I think that these ages could be put into a TV show where Aisling has many adventures, including one with her past. So, maybe give the idea a try because I bet that animation lovers would say, "More Aisling!". Thank you.

  8. We watched the movie last night and I loved it so much I had to watch it again this morning. My fascination and love of my Celtic heritage has been increased even more with such a stunning movie. Absolutely incredible, a feast for my senses and I will be buying copies for my family for Christmas now as well. I don't know how I hadn't heard of this film previously, I regret not seeing it sooner. Thank you for a truly delightful film!

  9. I waited so long to see the film, only wish I could have seen it on the big screen! I blogged about it today.

  10. Hi Tomm,

    My son, Nico and I attended the screening held at IFC in NYC. He is simply in love with your film. He has shown it to many, many friends and is having a "Secret of Kells" film screening for his 11th birthday, November 21st. We have rented out a small theater in NYC (definitely not our style or budget!) in order to invite the entire 5th grade. He is adamant about sharing your art with anyone he can reach. He walks around humming the music...and is thrilled with the animation and characters. It is great to see him so inspired and touched by art. Thank you so much with sharing your creativity (and many other's) with us.

    May I ask you a favor? IF you get a chance, would you consider wishing him a happy bday at He would completely flip.

    Many thanks!


  11. I just watched the movie, and it was beautiful, extremely visually compelling, and just delightful :) Congratulations sir!