Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Merry Christmas

Happy Christmas everyone.
I made this sketch for the Aisling comic I am working on for the New Year.
I am going to try something a little bit "Mucha" for this one.
I got a big book of his stuff in Prague.
Amazingly inspiring stuff.


  1. Ooh cute! Paulie sent me this holiday postcard today, thanks very much it's lovely :)
    Yay Mucha!!!

  2. I'll try to be there January 7th at "Forum des images" in Paris, for the preview of "Brendan". Who knows, maybe I'll meet you =)

    merry christmas too!

  3. Dear Tomm,and all Cartoon Saloon's lads,I vanna wish you all the best in
    2009,Postcard is beautiful:)))
    I'm really sorry,but I don't menage to be at 7th in Paris:(
    My contract is starting from February, so I'll see a movie a bit later.Cheers,Andrzej