Thursday, December 18, 2008

film classification

yesterday we had a very interesting screening at the office of the irish board of film classification.
its a grand old building but we may be one of the last films screened there as it is being moved to a new office next year.

we were pleased with the "pg" rating , despite the slightly scary or intense scenes, we feel its a film everyone can enjoy.

Its very nice how Trish Long (the head of Disney in Ireland) describes it sometimes -

" an original work of art that also happens to be suitable for families and a young audience"

She plans to run trailers ahead of "Bolt" here in Ireland, which is great exposure to the best general audience we can hope for.

Is this the most nervewracking part? waiting to see if anyone will come and see it....

Anyway today I am in Galway working on Song of the Sea, just gotta focus on the next one now....!


  1. No worries Tom !
    As soon as its possible we'll run to the theater to see it!

  2. Congratulations for your job! It is really amazig. Will be able see the movie in Spain?
    We have posted an article about your film in our blog and people ask us if we will have the posibility to see the movie in theaters.