Thursday, May 29, 2008

Praise be!


Thanks be to all thats holy!

The Fedex guy just got here and my passport and computer are in tact.
So glad the computer is in working order.

so, via internet I am working with Serge and his team in Belgium today.
No beer , but we are at least still productive this way.

Not the same as being there, but not bad!

Better try and get my presentation for annecy sorted now.
There won't be another chance I think.....


  1. Yikes! Double, triple, quadruple yikes! I had a heart attack when I read that you lost your bag! Thank GOD you got it back.... someone was looking out for you today!

    Hope all is well.... sounds crazy, but I'm sure things are pulling together. :) We're rooting for the last stretch from here in Istanbul! No more misplaced bags, ok? :)

  2. Hey Tomm! Don't hesitate in coming to Lille if you have some free time, you must be not too far from here.
    I guess I'll see you in Annecy, I hope you'll be on the conference about Brendan.

  3. that was really lucky...and fast!