Wednesday, May 28, 2008

dublin airport nightmare

Am stuck in dublin airport.

Picked up the wrong bag getting off the coach this morning at 4.30am.

Now have lost my bag , my passport, my credit cards, my computer even.
I do however have a bag of womans clothing. hoo boy.
Better leave that at lost and found.

What a nightmare.

Where ever you are out there fellow traveller! - Please send my stuff home when you realise you've got 'em!



gotta try and get an emergency passport today some how... wish me luck blogosphere!


  1. Good luck man! wish you lots of luck

  2. this really sounds as a nightmare.. I would have had a heart attack if I lost my laptop!!! just tell me you did a backup recently..... O_O

  3. That's rough, my friend. With any luck the woman who's got it is the same lady who's bag yours was mixed up with...

    Oh, and thanks for the encouraging words; that's all a guy could ask for.